About -Charge+

The evolution of the -Charge+ Brand has been unique. Identifying a gap in the market for Clubs with insufficient ground lighting, -Charge+ can now offer training balls for all age groups, ranging from Auskick through to Seniors.

Specializing in Glow in the dark footballs, -Charge+ has revolutionized the manufacturing of Glow in the dark footballs to be used in light diminished conditions. We ensure top quality craftsmanship for all products offered by the  -Charge+ Brand.

In the future -Charge+ also offer a unique Sports Carry Bag with an internal light source, allowing the Glow in the dark footballs stay well lit, for up to 10 hours. This patent product allows you to simply -Charge+ the footballs for a couple of minutes and offers the user a ‘Super –Charge+ that will last 20-30mins. Natural sunlight will also -Charge+ the footballs which shows the flexibility of the fantastic material used for the Glow in the dark footballs.

Inventor and Director of -Charge+, Nicholas Martino says “The Glow in the dark technology has undergone revolutionary change over the last two years of production. Mr Martino is confident that the -Charge+ brand accompanied with the craftsmanship of the football manufacturer, are offering a unique product that will change the way football is played and viewed at night”.