Martino having a ball with bright idea

Former Queenscliff footballer and designer Nick Martino believes he has found the solution for sporting clubs struggling with lighting difficulties glow in the dark balls.

After witnessing first hand how difficult training can be without adequate lighting during his playing career with the Coutas, Martino began working on a design that would enable clubs to overcome costly lighting problems.

He has since worked with AFL football developer Sherrin in an attempt to create the perfect ball, although at this stage the glow material is forcing the weight of the AFL balls to become too heavy.

"I've been working with Sherrin, and the goal has always been to make a high quality, top grade ball. The weights have been the hardest part though because your adding extra material," Martino said.

Martino has also been developing ideas for glowing netball, cricket and soccer balls, with the latter already having been tested by junior players from Ocean Grove based soccer club Surfside Waves.

"I took the balls over to show them to the Surfside guys and they appeared to be really receptive of the idea." Martino said.

"When I gave it to the Under 17's their eyes just lit up and you could tell they really loved the idea and the concept."

While there are still some kinks to be ironed out in the overall design of the ball, Martino is excited by the prospect of clubs being able to utilise a different type of equipment to aid with training.

"The idea hasn't really been developed for games, its more about training. I've noticed with training that almost every club has limited time with decent lighting," he said.

"It will give clubs an extension on the time they generally have. Hopefully this ball can help attract people to training and get a bit of enthusiasm surrounding training.

"It only takes about 10 minutes charging in the rooms before training and then away you go."

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