Queenscliff designer ready to set football world alight

Ships coming through The Rip were the inspiration behind the next big "must have" for football fans.

Queenscliff designer Nicholas Martino will this month launch Australia's first glow in the dark AFL fooltball - and locals are set to get their hands on the first batch.


Martino having a ball with bright idea

Former Queenscliff footballer and designer Nick Martino believes he has found the solution for sporting clubs struggling with lighting difficulties glow in the dark balls.

After witnessing first hand how difficult training can be without adequate lighting during his playing career with the Coutas, Martino began working on a design that would enable clubs to overcome costly lighting problems.


Look, a footy to light up Ballarat Swans

The Ballarat Swans have trialed glow-in-the-dark ahead of the Swans clash with Melton today at Simonds Oval in Alfredon.

On Thursday night the Simonds Swans used glow-in-the-dark footballs provided by Melbourne based company, Charge, during training.


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